Friday, July 1, 2011

Freedom and Expansion! Yes, Boundaries make it happen!

Often when I mention the word "Boundaries" I sense a familiar grimace of "oh no, that sounds like a list of restrictions".  Actually not so!  In fact, just the opposite is true. 

Boundaries support Freedom and Expansion!  Yes, really!

When we can check-in with our authentic selves and sense what our boundaries are, and then communicate them clearly and with compassion, we actually support ourselves into full, yummy freedom!  And this allows us to begin to drop away the barriers we've erected over time that are often subconscious, unhealthy ways of keeping people out.

For example, consider a study that was done with kids on a playground.  Playground equipment was set up in the center of a large, open space.  At first, the kids come out to play and they stay fairly clustered in on the equipment.  Next, a fence is erected around the perimeter of the open space.  Now the kids come out to play, and they play FULLY, out to the edges of the space. 

Notice how when the edges are unclear, the kids contract away from their fullest potential of playful freedom.  But when that same spot of grass becomes clearly a safe space to play, they are able to expand into exploring the edges.  The same applies with our adult selves.  Our Divine Feminine energy needs to feel safe before she feels ready to open into yummy playful vibrancy!  And it's our Healthy Masculine energy that provides that safe container, the space for her to play.  He is ever present in his clear, conscious awareness, witnessing without judging her.  And in that she feels safe to surrender and open to share her light and energy.

So check in with the messages of your body, from your authentic place of clarity (not from your wounded or addicted self), and be willing to explore softening and opening into new edges by honoring your boundaries and those of the ones around you.

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New!!! An update!  Since I posted this last July, I am honored to now have available a series of videos...and one of them is on this very topic!  Check it out here "How Boundaries Support Freedom":