Sunday, December 25, 2011

“Normal” is just a button on a washing machine

At this time of the winter solstice nature experiences an energy of slowing down, going inward, and shedding of old skins - like deaths in preparation for rebirth. This is reflected in us as well, yet sometimes we meet this natural tendency with resistance, or feel so overwhelmed with activity and stresses that we don’t even realize we need to slow down.

So as I sank into some inward time recently, I realized that much of how my life is structured now is so very different than 15, 10, or even 5 years ago! The way I naturally experience my life now, they way I create it, is so vastly different than before that I often forget that at one time I didn’t even realize it was possible!  And so as I hear clients and other people remark about frustrations they have in their own lives, often in 3rd person generalizations…things like “well you know, all men out there are…” or “everyone is stressed out and rushed, that’s normal” or “no I wasn’t abused, but I did experience, you know, the ‘normal’ spankings and verbal attacks of child hood” or “you can’t just leave your job…”

I would like to offer a new way of seeing it - a sample of a possible reality, a portion of my story. And share that it didn’t all happen easily or overnight, it was progression of waking up, seeing things a new way, making mistakes and trying again, feeling the differences in my body as I explored new ways of being.

So let me share a few things that I used to consider “normal”, or even necessary, that are no longer a regular part of my life:
  1. Diet Coke (or other artificial beverages) – in high school I drank the stuff like crazy, I quit a year or two into college, suddenly headaches I had experienced regularly went away. Over time, other artificial foods and substances that no longer resonate for me have dropped away as well.
  2. Bar Scene – I thought the only form of recreation and meeting people was hanging out with alcohol and “friends”. Sure it was great for numbing out, but once the drinking stopped I realized how sensory-overloading the places are. Sports on TV’s, music, loud conversations, aggressive behaviors, heavy food, smoke (or at least in those days) so overwhelming to the senses…that is, when I finally started to feel my senses again.
  3. The TV and associated media bombardment - I realized the thing was on when no one was even in the room. Or it would be on with people in the room and no one watching it. So I turned it off. At first it was hard… it was so QUIET! Wow, silence. Suddenly I had to start listening to the voices in my head that I had been drowning out for so long.
  4. Sitting at a Desk – I sat at a desk all through school, college, 15 years of corporate engineering. We in the west just assume we must sit in chairs and position tables or desks in front of us to eat or work. I began sitting cross-legged, meditation style, on a zafu (cushion filled with buck wheat hulls, designed for meditation) years ago to explore meditation and yoga. I realized after I left corporate life that I enjoyed sitting that way so much more than in a chair. So I created a workstation for my laptop which positions it in front of me at arm level, while seated on a zafu on the floor. This is how I spent the computer portion of my “work day” now!
I feel so far removed from some of these things that often they don’t even cross my mind in the realm of possible options anymore, sort of like a whole new baseline of what is “normal” in my world and that of my closest friends. Sometimes I forget they exist.  I feel healthier, happier and more connected to my body than I have ever felt. Does that seem possible?! Yes, it is!

So if you feel stuck, how can you begin to make the shifts that feel good for you?  How do you even know what feels good from a place of authentic self? (Note this can be very different than the messages from your wounded self that often throws in some curve balls like “oh yes eating chocolate covered marshmallows all day long sounds like it would feel soooo good!”) 

Here are a few things that have been pivotal for me. 


Get a journal and a pen and start writing! Stream of consciousness at first, just dump out all the thoughts in your head. No need to write with any grammar or spelling perfection, or even sentence structure. Just let the thoughts pour out.

The book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron was one of my big inspirations for this. I was resistant at first…I remember thinking, ”I’m not a writer”. I recall at one point in my early days of journaling literally writing the words “blah, blah, blah, I don’t feel like writing right now, I don’t know what I should be writing, blah, blah, blah….” And within a few more lines, emotions, thoughts and important awarenesses in my life began pouring onto the pages. The key was giving it a chance, actually doing it daily to create the new pattern.

Years later, I still journal regularly as an integral part of my life and how I process self-growth. What and how it works for me has changed in many beautiful ways and it all began with simply putting pen to paper!


Just slow down enough to notice 5 breaths. Sit quietly, remove distractions (silence phones, turn down lights, find a comfy way to support your body while remaining alert, an erect seated position works well for this if you can get comfy in it…knees below hips help keep the back happy) and notice your breathing. See if you can count 5 breaths, each inhale, each exhale, and just notice what it feels like to breathe. If after those first 5 breaths it still feels good to explore what might open up, stay seated and continue. If after those first 5 breaths it feels like you are done, then get up and continue with your day.

Slowing down like this gives us a chance to actually notice the messages that may be bombarding us to get our attention, but we’re operating in such an accelerated state we never knew they were there. So if you feel a flood of thoughts…take this chance to journal! Capture the ones you are worried you’ll forget about, make a to-do list, etc. Notice the ones that don’t need your attention and let them float on. And notice if some come in that you are resisting: write them down, see them, witness them. Give them the honor of being seen, even if you don’t like it. And then notice if some space opens up to just BE in the moment.

Often our mind just needs some reassurance that you’ve got things captured, so you can let go of the reins a little bit and relax.


Yoga or, at a minimum, a form of movement where you are also noticing your breath and your body is also important. Mindful, intentional movement and flow is very different than disconnecting from your body and forcing yourself to “exercise” because you “should” (hmm….reading a magazine on the stationary bike sound familiar to anyone? Yes, I have to admit, it does to me!). Yoga is about union, finding and connecting with opposite energies in the body to integrate and find balance.

I was drawn to yoga initially for the physical benefits (at the time I was endurance athlete who had experienced many overuse injuries) to improve flexibility and strengthen the small balancing muscles in my body. What I experienced over the last 15 years in my practice was a shift in awareness to the spirituality of yoga, the life philosophy of yoga. What began as “what poses can I do?” has grown into “what can I learn about myself from the poses?”. My yoga practice has helped me discover more about who I really am, because of the awareness it’s brought me about the messages of my body and breath.

Consider this…there is no “normal”! “Normal” is just a button on a washing machine.  The only people who are “normal” are the ones you don’t know very well. YOU get to define your life, you don’t have to force yourself into any boxes that society wants to create for you. Rewrite your script, repattern the old limiting beliefs that lead you into thinking they are the only way.

You have the power to choose!

Decide if anything I've suggested here resonates for you and if so, go for it! And no need to beat yourself up if it feels like there’s too much to tackle at once! Go slow, take your time, start noticing your life and your patterns and see if there are ways to make small changes right now that will shift your trajectory over time. It doesn’t have to match my list, I only offer it here as a possible reality. Notice what your list is. And while it all doesn’t have to happen overnight… Yes it CAN BEGIN right now!

What do you feel stuck with because you assume it's "normal"?  What do you choose to change?

Update!  I invite you to join in what has become a daily practice for me, year around, for the past several years.  I feel safer in my body, more comfortable in my skin, more relaxed and less anxious than ever before.  It helps me release stress and "plug-in" to the sweet resource of the Earth....Ahhhhh!  See more about and how to do this practice at my video "Barefeet Earth!!" here>>

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Play! Laughter as Healing!

During a yoga class I was taking recently, my teacher asked us to reflect back on the earliest memories of being a child just spinning around in circles in the yard until falling over in exhaustion and laughter.  She encouraged us to bring that element of playful freedom into our practice that morning.  Yes!  I love this!  And I so enjoyed playing in that freedom during my practice!  However, at the same time I realized my most playful memories are more recent than childhood.  As I kid I was always so shy and hard on myself that I never really let myself let go into that care-free bliss.

So a few days later unseasonably warm weather inspired my 9 yr old daughter and I to spend some time at the park.  We ended up playing on the play structure, in a very open space near the ball fields.  I had a blast hanging upside down on the monkey bars (thanks to my recent love of the aerial arts totally healing my traumatic experience of falling from them as a kid, a subject worthy of a blog of it's own!).

But when she asked me to play Hide & Seek, my initial analytical reaction was to think "oh no, there's really no place to hide around here, and I don't like playing hide and seek, and...".  Immediately the inspiration from yoga flooded back in through my body...YES!  I WILL play hide and seek, because, well why not?!

So we did!  "3, 2, 1...ready or not here I come!!"

The wide open space we were in made "logical" hiding spots limited.  And what I quickly experienced was you don't always need logic...just PLAY! 

On my first turn to hide, I curled in a ball on the grass underneath the picnic blanket we brought.  Surely she won't see me, she'll see it as just a crumple on the ground.  As I waited for the count down my ribs heaved with the laughter I was trying to suppress...which made me laugh even harder at the thought!  Of course she quickly came up behind me and announced she could see my shoes, which just caused an explosion of laughter as she pounced on top of me blanket and all!!

Another time as I "hid" in plain view on top of the play structure in a ball, she walked about two step before being directly in my line of sight.  "WAIT!" I declared, as I placed a pebble on my head.  "I am hiding under a rock and you can't see me!!"  BWWAHHH HA HA!  We roared again and again!!!...

I can't recall the last time I laughed so hard and let go in play so deeply!  And it felt sooooo good!  My connection with my daughter deepened, and I felt so alive and vibrant!  Truly a healing, blissful experience :)

Invite yourself to let go in play, what's stopping you?!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Should I Avoid Orgasm?

I was on the phone with a wonderful woman recently, very spiritually aware and present, and we were discussing a totally unrelated topic, when she nervously asked if she could ask me a more intimate question. I responded, yes of course!  I love supporting people in asking the toughest, most embarrassing questions.  And creating that safe space to do so is very important to me!

So she proceeded to ask about orgasms.  "Should I avoid having orgasms?"  She had been exploring her sexuality and her spirituality, and after reading about some tantric practices was concerned that she may be losing life force energy through her orgasms, so perhaps she should limit them.  She had experienced some mystical, orgasmic experiences in meditation, and thought that perhaps she should limit the physical sexual experiences in favor of exploring the mystical.

In short my answer was "Heck no!  If they feel good, no need to stop!  Enjoy your orgasms! Yes, keep having them! Feel them nourish you!"  and oh by the way, by exploring the physical and sexual, you can also expand your capacity to explore the spiritual and mystical! 

I went on to explain my thoughts on this topic! 

Many of the ancient texts were written by men for men, so sometimes in the translation process the relevancy for women gets missed.  What I believe she had likely encountered were teachings that are focused for men based on ancient traditions that work within the realm of energy. 

To state this complex topic as simply as possible, begins with the premise that our creative, sexual, life force energy is contained within our sexual organs (sperm in the testicles for men, ova (eggs) in the ovaries for women).  Therefore when a man has a traditional orgasm* that includes an ejaculation, he releases sperm from his body and therefore loses some of that life force energy.  However, when women experience orgasm, we do not release the ovum from our body, and therefore do not necessarily experience the same drain of energy.  (Notice I say "necessarily", let's come back to this later** :)  Instead, a woman will more typically feel drained during menstruation, when the egg leaves the body.

Female orgasms generate a tremendous amount of wonderful, nourishing, nurturing, magnetic energy! Think of it as a coccoon of energy surrounding her and her partner(s).  All those involved are then able to breathe and absorb the healing, nurturing qualities of this energy into their own bodies and energy fields.  Allow it in, feel the vibrancy, the nourishment and let it feed you with love and light!

So yes ladies!  Allow yourself to freely experience your orgasms!  Share the loving energy with your partner and breathe in the nurturing qualities for yourselves as well! 

* Orgasm for men as we typically know of it includes an ejaculation at so nearly the same time that we don't even realize they are two separate events.  Yes guys, orgasm and ejaculation can be separated!  This is an empowering practice that can change your capacity for pleasure and pleasure with your partner, in phenomenal ways!  See to learn more.

**And yes there are many types of female orgasm, some feel more draining than others.  In short, "energy-giving" orgasms are an exploration of expansion and blooming open in bliss, whereas "energy-draining" orgasms are more contracting and tense, maybe even feeling like "it wasn't worth it" afterwards.  You can learn to enjoy energy-giving orgasms as often as you like!   See for classes and private sessions to learn more. Also, more on Female Orgasm in a future blog! Including a whole new way of looking at orgasms (they aren't just limited to physical experiences!) :)

As always I welcome comments here and please feel free to contact me directly!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PC Muscles can do what?!

So my Love just dug out my old exercise ball to use as a chair and it reminded me of nearly a decade ago when I was in labor with my daughter.  I recall the wonderful feeling of laboring while letting my pelvic floor sink onto a similar ball at the hospital.  It was so relaxing and wonderful to feel the gentle counter pressure of the ball supporting me.  Then I also remembered the birth.  Magical and wonderful to bring my daughter into this world, one of the most beautiful experiences of my life! Yet it was filled with anxiety, fear, tension and pain.  I pushed like crazy, assuming that my body fitness from being an long time endurance triathlete was helping me out...hey I can finish 140.6 mile races so I should be able to nail this giving birth thing, right?  I can "do" this!  I had practiced my Kegel clenches, I was strong, so this should be a piece of cake!

Was I ever wrong.

Childbirth is like life.  And I was approaching it the way I had approached life for so many years.  Be strong, do it myself, don't let anyone else in.  Muscle my way through it.

Let me invite you to consider a new way.  Letting go, finding a balance of relaxed surrender and purposeful action is such a smoother way to flow with life...and childbirth!

One of the biggest awarenesses I've had in my exploration of sacred sexuality and healing is the power of the PC Muscles.  And wow are they a physical manifestation of the analogy for learning to let go!

PC Muscles.  Pubococcygeus muscle.  The muscles in the pelvic floor that retain the flow of urine for example.  Found in both men and women, fitness and fluidity in these muscles can change the way we experience childbirth as well as our sexuality, vibrancy and orgasm.

So my aha moment was when I realized you can do more than what most of us know as "Kegel clenches" with these muscles!

Many of us know about clenching them, pulling upward, retaining.  This can help create tone in the muscles, which is really important.  And only one half of the balance.  The clench pulling upward tends to create and inspire tension.  So we are told "clench and release clench and release" and what often happens in my experience and in my research with others is we "clench hold, maybe release a fraction, then clench again".  The release and relax portion gets sort of skimmed over.  And the next piece gets ignored altogether....

So here's the other piece!  And no one tells us about this!  You can actually relax them, then push out the other way, so the sensation is a blooming, an opening, downward and outward.

Ahhhh!!  Clench, release (really release, not just a little bit) and RELAX (this takes a ton of time and relaxation and practice of "being" not doing... so foreign for most of us who carry chronic tightness in the pelvic floor) and then push downward, outward and bloom open!

I truly believe I went through nearly the entire experience of childbirth clenching and pulling upward, effectively holding on to my daughter, when I thought I was pushing her out!  No wonder it took so long and felt so hard!

It's only now, a decade later, after a lot of pelvic awareness and healing that I can notice the difference between a "clenching, retaining" muscle push and a "blooming, releasing" muscle push.  The empowerment in my life, my sexuality and my orgasmic repertoire (oh so the topic of an upcoming blog!) has been life changing!

So I implore all women (and men too!  just not so much for the childbirth part :)...take notice!  Bring awareness to your pelvic floor, breathe deeply into your belly and lower abdomen, soften, relax, start to notice this area of the body that we all tend to hold so tightly.  This is not about 6 pack abs, flat bellies or tight asses, think beautiful Buddha belly and let your body soften and open.

No one tells us about this stuff!  I am here to change that!  :)  Feel free to reach out, contact me, and leave a comment!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharing Love Energy...Aack! Guilt & Shame!

How often do we sabotage ourselves against pleasure and love?  What's it like to really open to the possibility of allowing loving energy to move through our bodies?  And IF we actually let ourselves feel that, do we let ourselves share that with a partner?!

Seems like it's easy right?   "Sure why not feel good?!  Count me in!"

Seems obvious, yet actually what I've seen (and experienced!) over and over is that while our analytical Minds say "Heck yeah, count me in for feeling good!" our Bodies often speak a very different message, like screaming "Hey no way, I don't feel safe, I am tightening up here can't you hear me?! Stop, you're not listening!".  Speaking from my own personal experience... I have felt myself start to feel pleasure, get scared and close down, A LOT.

I've done a lot of healing around that, letting old junky stuff move out of my body, honoring her.  For that I am grateful!  And it's not over, it's a path!  I am willing to continue this deep, edgy, vulnerable journey that is also so rewarding with the Bliss of opening, allowing and feeling!

And by partner, I don't necessarily mean someone we are physically or sexually attracted to.  What's it like to hold open the space of a Transcendental Love connection?  What I am referring to is sharing Universal Love, that Oneness that connects us all.  We often get this confused with Romantic Love or Human Love.  And while Romantic Love can be really wonderful, and perhaps be present in that same Transcendental Love connection, it's not required!  So we get worried, like "Oh, I am not supposed to be feeling pleasure with this person (or in this environment, or by myself)" so we shut it down, turn it off, and stop feeling.  We are basically sabotaging ourselves from feeling our own true, innate nature!

We are innately blissful beings, Infinite Beings in Finite form.  We've just created so many layers of armor and barriers (note: barriers are different than healthy boundaries, which do support our freedom and bliss!) around ourselves that we don't notice our blissful nature.  So consider letting go, shedding the layers to let your innate Bliss shine through!  And enjoy sharing this in a Loving connection with a tree, a friend or another fellow human you are blessed to walk on this planet with at this time!  Give yourself permission, you deserve it :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Freedom and Expansion! Yes, Boundaries make it happen!

Often when I mention the word "Boundaries" I sense a familiar grimace of "oh no, that sounds like a list of restrictions".  Actually not so!  In fact, just the opposite is true. 

Boundaries support Freedom and Expansion!  Yes, really!

When we can check-in with our authentic selves and sense what our boundaries are, and then communicate them clearly and with compassion, we actually support ourselves into full, yummy freedom!  And this allows us to begin to drop away the barriers we've erected over time that are often subconscious, unhealthy ways of keeping people out.

For example, consider a study that was done with kids on a playground.  Playground equipment was set up in the center of a large, open space.  At first, the kids come out to play and they stay fairly clustered in on the equipment.  Next, a fence is erected around the perimeter of the open space.  Now the kids come out to play, and they play FULLY, out to the edges of the space. 

Notice how when the edges are unclear, the kids contract away from their fullest potential of playful freedom.  But when that same spot of grass becomes clearly a safe space to play, they are able to expand into exploring the edges.  The same applies with our adult selves.  Our Divine Feminine energy needs to feel safe before she feels ready to open into yummy playful vibrancy!  And it's our Healthy Masculine energy that provides that safe container, the space for her to play.  He is ever present in his clear, conscious awareness, witnessing without judging her.  And in that she feels safe to surrender and open to share her light and energy.

So check in with the messages of your body, from your authentic place of clarity (not from your wounded or addicted self), and be willing to explore softening and opening into new edges by honoring your boundaries and those of the ones around you.

I would love to support you in your journey of self awareness, I offer Individual and Couple Coaching, Group Classes, Workshops, and Retreats.  Read more at my website at and please contact me to explore the possibilities!

New!!! An update!  Since I posted this last July, I am honored to now have available a series of videos...and one of them is on this very topic!  Check it out here "How Boundaries Support Freedom":

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Exploring the Depths of Sexuality

What do these words mean to you?



Sacred Sexuality.

Do they seem discordant?  Separate concepts strung together arbitrarily?  Or do they flow as a natural connection?  Sex carries so much baggage in our society, and in so much of humanity on this entire planet in this age!

So I invite you, let’s slow down, and breathe for a moment, feel…

Sex. What is the resistance (or the excitement or the addiction or the fuss) all about?  We tend to make assumptions, constantly, that shape our perspectives on life and reality.  In fact our intentions and thoughts create our reality.  These assumptions are based on our own filters, what we have heard or been told in life. 

So what’s it like to drop away the filters?  And learn from clear self-awareness, finding your own truth, from inside.  This is what gnosis is all about, wisdom from that authentic place of source at your center.  Not from our filters or expectations based on what society or some one else defines for us.  As a colleague of mine says “definition is just mental programming, to experience is truth”.

The tough part is we carry so much shielding that the concept of feeling into our own authentic truth and center can either make no sense whatsoever or seem so out of reach.  However, no matter what you currently believe about yourself, you have that power to choose!  You absolutely can look inside and reach the unreachable.

So let’s strip away some of those layers.

Sacred Sexuality.

That which is physical and sexual is also sacred and spiritual!  What comes up for you in that concept?  Like “hey no way, they tell me I am only allowed to have sex for pro-creation, or I can’t have sex at all, or even let myself think about sex or feel sexy feelings”.

So I ask you to consider, why?  Because somebody just said so? 

Does it feel authentically true to you?  If yes, beautiful!  Go with that! 
Or does a part of you grimace at that thought, tighten up, feel unsure, feel guilty or shameful?  If so, go with that!  Open to the possibilities.  Dive deeper, past the mental programming.  Dive past the “they”, who is “they” anyway?  Parents, society, education systems, religious institutions, media?  There is no “they” at your authentic center. 

Whichever choice you make, here’s the key… OWN your choice as yours, and enjoy it!  There is one freedom NO ONE can take away from you and that is the freedom to choose.  Choose from your authentic core, your center, not from your addicted self, or wounded self.  And believe that your choice is yours, it is!  Don’t give up your power to anyone else outside of you.  You create your reality!  So create what you want not what you think “they” said it “should” be. 

Consider that your sexual energy is your life force energy, it’s what created you!  How can this core, fundamental, foundation of our selves be an energy that shouldn’t be felt or should be squashed away?  It is in fact through the infinite power of this very energy that you can heal your body, connect deeply with others, manifest your hearts desires and connect with Divine bliss.  It is due to the fear of this very powerful reality that much of the misinformation and arbitrary definitions (mental programming) have been perpetuated, often unconsciously, through the “they”.

So why not feel pleasure?  What is stopping you?  Is it limiting beliefs?  Past patterns?  What “they” tell you?  Allow yourself to feel.  Learn safe ways to connect with the wisdom of your body and communicate what feels safe and what feels good for you.  And as you do, feel the bliss of expansion into that freedom!

Remember, “definition is just mental programming, to experience is truth”.  So don’t take my word or anyone else’s word for it, what do YOU feel?  Step deeper than the “mental programming” and into the wisdom of your body.  Are you ready for the Mystery?

I would love to support you in your journey, I offer Individual and Couple Coaching, Group Classes, Workshops, and Retreats.  Read more at my website at and please contact me to explore the possibilities!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspirations from the 10th Annual ISTA Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness Educators

ISTAI recently returned from the amazing ISTA Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness Educators in Sedona, AZ.  It was a phenomenal weekend of transformation and healing for me personally, a deepening of my relationship with my Love, and reconnection with many friends, fellow teachers and practitioners.  I am just buzzing with inspiration and excitement about new ways to share the power of sacred sexuality with you!  This is a powerful path of healing and transformation, finding a deep space of love and value within yourself, bringing that forward into connections with others, manifesting your desires and experiencing ultimate bliss and Oneness.

I could write volumes about my experiences of the weekend, and in fact I am.  I have over 25 pages of typed notes from my journal already and I am only part way through!  In the meantime I wanted to share a few excerpts of the many inspirations:

Grand Master Mantak Chia, our keynote speaker, has been an influence on my work and teachings for awhile now.  It was beautiful to experience him and his teachings live.  Check out my Resources page for links to a few of his many books that have resonated with me.

I am honored and grateful to have experienced a private session with Andrew Barnes, an internationally acclaimed and qualified Tantric relationship, sexuality and orgasm coach, author, speaker and Daka.  He embodied the awakened masculine as he held a safe space and shared powerful body dearmoring techniques, along with energetic practices that helped me reconnect with my body in new ways. You can experience a video of his powerful work with Energy Orgasm here.

And on the topic of energetics, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.  shared his work through screenings of his two documentary films and a powerful presentation.  He gave me a whole new vocabulary and awareness of Sexual Shamanism, and Energetic & Orgasmic Anatomy.  His work has expanded my ability to articulate the intuitive process of energy merging and transformation, which for me amps up the ability to experience transformation and growth.  Finding balance in our masculine and feminine energies, is what this work is all about, and I really value having the analytical side to blend and balance the intuitive side.  Thank you Ray for sharing your work with us!

These are just a few of the amazing teachers, guides, healers and authors I've had the opportunity to experience. More to come!

Namaste, Leslie Blackburn

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Other Articles by Leslie Blackburn

I am so excited to be sharing through writing!  It's been awhile in the creative gestational phase, and I am proud to announce my new blog!  For starters, check out some past blogs and articles I've written:

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With love, light and gratitude!