Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 2012 Newsletter Excerpt: Performance Photos, Filming at the Temple, Radio Show & Temple Gatherings and more

Working with energy through movement, breath, sound, touch...
these are some of the key tenets of the path of Sacred Sexuality and have been critical in my personal journey of healing, growth and unfurling. 
Photo by Miguel
At my recent performance at the amazing
, I shared my soul. The piece was an emergence, an exploration from disconnected body and darkness to an emergence of enlightened, connected flow. The performance included fire and movement (inspired by Butoh, qigong and other energy and intuitive movement
Photo by Chop Shop Photography
practices), in conjunction with the transformational strings of Dixon's Violin. Stepping into power, light and flow with confidence and aliveness. Included here are a few photos from the performance. 

And most recently in Ann Arbor, I was inspired with the Continuum Movement (founded by Emilie Conrad) practices of Robin Becker. The practice evoked a deep remembering for me, a visceral familiarity. Robin's teachings inspired new ways for me to share the power of accessing body wisdom with others. I am grateful and look forward to sharing more! 

We are honored to have had Christopher Essey here at the Mystery School of the Temple Arts to film for his documentary on Integrative Medicine. I was honored to share about the healing power of sacred sexuality and shamanism. Excited to be a part of this inspirational film! More soon on when the final film will be released ♥ For now, check out his film promo video and website here>>

Our deepening continues with the Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship, our circle has formed and the program is underway headed into our darkest season of the year. I am very honored and grateful for how Spirit guided this group together. Sharing the deep medicine, fills me with gratitude, awe and wonder. If you are interested in possible future Apprenticeships, please contact me if you have not already. 

I was so excited, and nervous, to share on my October radio show about "Female Ejaculation"! Yes, every woman and the men who love them deserve to know about this! You can listen now to the archive of this and other episodes from my website. The November show will be Tues the 20th, join me live! See below for details.

Soon I will be announcing the dates for the Winter/Spring Semester of Sacred Sexuality classes.  You can browse the descriptions of past classes at the Offerings page for ideas of what's to come!

Reminder, please join us this Sunday Nov 18th to continue to explore at the next Temple Community Gathering at Mystery School of the Temple Arts in Michigan (5-7pm)! And listen in from anywhere in the world to the next "Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn" Radio Show on Tuesday November 20th.  And don't forget I offer Private Sessions as well, so if you'd like to explore this work but the idea of coming to a group class doesn't resonate for you, consider a private setting (Individuals, Couples, Multiple Partners).  Please do check out the FAQ's at my website and reach out, I would love to hear from you!

Love and light to you all!   
Light Bearer
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