Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Exploring Body Wisdom

As I slow down for a moment to notice my cherry tree is opening its blossoms today, I'm reminded of the value of noticing the moment.  Each year this tree only blooms for 3 or 4 days.  It's a special time to be with it emerging in its newness once again!  My body journey continues, the spot I spoke of last month, it has changed, revealing a new layer.

Listening to My Body

My hands meet it, listening, my body moves with curiosity, inquiry...  I draw, expressing what I feel as I notice the shift.  I notice the widening, a softness.  Can I allow the support of my family in? Can I receive loving forgiveness from myself?

Do I have all the!  This is still a part of my exploration, yet I've learned so much in the process. In what ways is your body communicating with you?  Do you find it hard to discern the resistance from the authentic voice?  To trust?  This path of deeply listening to my body I have found to be one of the most mysterious yet deeply satisfying and hard to convey with words.  The first time my mentor even asked me to check in with my body over 15 years ago I was at a loss...what do you mean?  My head guides me, I don't know what my body is saying!  Since then, much has opened up in my path and I feel so called to share this journey of possibility, this path of self-realization with others.  If this is inspiring you, join me in a private session.  I would be honored to be your guide :-)

And I am so excited to announce a new weekend of sacred sexuality classes I will be offering in Ohio!  The beautiful beings at the Great Lakes Energy Exchange have invited me to their space in northern Ohio to share a deep and powerful Tantra Weekend experience.  I know many of you are in or near that area, I highly encourage you to check this out and join us.  They have created this at a super reasonable rate, see their website for more details.

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