Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharing Love Energy...Aack! Guilt & Shame!

How often do we sabotage ourselves against pleasure and love?  What's it like to really open to the possibility of allowing loving energy to move through our bodies?  And IF we actually let ourselves feel that, do we let ourselves share that with a partner?!

Seems like it's easy right?   "Sure why not feel good?!  Count me in!"

Seems obvious, yet actually what I've seen (and experienced!) over and over is that while our analytical Minds say "Heck yeah, count me in for feeling good!" our Bodies often speak a very different message, like screaming "Hey no way, I don't feel safe, I am tightening up here can't you hear me?! Stop, you're not listening!".  Speaking from my own personal experience... I have felt myself start to feel pleasure, get scared and close down, A LOT.

I've done a lot of healing around that, letting old junky stuff move out of my body, honoring her.  For that I am grateful!  And it's not over, it's a path!  I am willing to continue this deep, edgy, vulnerable journey that is also so rewarding with the Bliss of opening, allowing and feeling!

And by partner, I don't necessarily mean someone we are physically or sexually attracted to.  What's it like to hold open the space of a Transcendental Love connection?  What I am referring to is sharing Universal Love, that Oneness that connects us all.  We often get this confused with Romantic Love or Human Love.  And while Romantic Love can be really wonderful, and perhaps be present in that same Transcendental Love connection, it's not required!  So we get worried, like "Oh, I am not supposed to be feeling pleasure with this person (or in this environment, or by myself)" so we shut it down, turn it off, and stop feeling.  We are basically sabotaging ourselves from feeling our own true, innate nature!

We are innately blissful beings, Infinite Beings in Finite form.  We've just created so many layers of armor and barriers (note: barriers are different than healthy boundaries, which do support our freedom and bliss!) around ourselves that we don't notice our blissful nature.  So consider letting go, shedding the layers to let your innate Bliss shine through!  And enjoy sharing this in a Loving connection with a tree, a friend or another fellow human you are blessed to walk on this planet with at this time!  Give yourself permission, you deserve it :)


  1. Wonderful message Leslie, and such a good reminder!

  2. Thanks Mary Anne! Isn't it funny how much we shut ourselves down from feeling good?! I've really been exploring this a lot lately, and it's shocking how much it happens when we really bring awareness to it!

  3. so many obstacles so many opportunities. Why is it that it seems easier to be shut down by the obstacles set up by society, but life seems so much richer when we are true to ourselves? Obviously It's an obvious answer, but we too often choose the easier path, than the one of fullfillment. I for one want to thank you for opening more doors.