Saturday, June 11, 2011

Exploring the Depths of Sexuality

What do these words mean to you?



Sacred Sexuality.

Do they seem discordant?  Separate concepts strung together arbitrarily?  Or do they flow as a natural connection?  Sex carries so much baggage in our society, and in so much of humanity on this entire planet in this age!

So I invite you, let’s slow down, and breathe for a moment, feel…

Sex. What is the resistance (or the excitement or the addiction or the fuss) all about?  We tend to make assumptions, constantly, that shape our perspectives on life and reality.  In fact our intentions and thoughts create our reality.  These assumptions are based on our own filters, what we have heard or been told in life. 

So what’s it like to drop away the filters?  And learn from clear self-awareness, finding your own truth, from inside.  This is what gnosis is all about, wisdom from that authentic place of source at your center.  Not from our filters or expectations based on what society or some one else defines for us.  As a colleague of mine says “definition is just mental programming, to experience is truth”.

The tough part is we carry so much shielding that the concept of feeling into our own authentic truth and center can either make no sense whatsoever or seem so out of reach.  However, no matter what you currently believe about yourself, you have that power to choose!  You absolutely can look inside and reach the unreachable.

So let’s strip away some of those layers.

Sacred Sexuality.

That which is physical and sexual is also sacred and spiritual!  What comes up for you in that concept?  Like “hey no way, they tell me I am only allowed to have sex for pro-creation, or I can’t have sex at all, or even let myself think about sex or feel sexy feelings”.

So I ask you to consider, why?  Because somebody just said so? 

Does it feel authentically true to you?  If yes, beautiful!  Go with that! 
Or does a part of you grimace at that thought, tighten up, feel unsure, feel guilty or shameful?  If so, go with that!  Open to the possibilities.  Dive deeper, past the mental programming.  Dive past the “they”, who is “they” anyway?  Parents, society, education systems, religious institutions, media?  There is no “they” at your authentic center. 

Whichever choice you make, here’s the key… OWN your choice as yours, and enjoy it!  There is one freedom NO ONE can take away from you and that is the freedom to choose.  Choose from your authentic core, your center, not from your addicted self, or wounded self.  And believe that your choice is yours, it is!  Don’t give up your power to anyone else outside of you.  You create your reality!  So create what you want not what you think “they” said it “should” be. 

Consider that your sexual energy is your life force energy, it’s what created you!  How can this core, fundamental, foundation of our selves be an energy that shouldn’t be felt or should be squashed away?  It is in fact through the infinite power of this very energy that you can heal your body, connect deeply with others, manifest your hearts desires and connect with Divine bliss.  It is due to the fear of this very powerful reality that much of the misinformation and arbitrary definitions (mental programming) have been perpetuated, often unconsciously, through the “they”.

So why not feel pleasure?  What is stopping you?  Is it limiting beliefs?  Past patterns?  What “they” tell you?  Allow yourself to feel.  Learn safe ways to connect with the wisdom of your body and communicate what feels safe and what feels good for you.  And as you do, feel the bliss of expansion into that freedom!

Remember, “definition is just mental programming, to experience is truth”.  So don’t take my word or anyone else’s word for it, what do YOU feel?  Step deeper than the “mental programming” and into the wisdom of your body.  Are you ready for the Mystery?

I would love to support you in your journey, I offer Individual and Couple Coaching, Group Classes, Workshops, and Retreats.  Read more at my website at and please contact me to explore the possibilities!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world my friend, I'm so glad!

  2. Yay! Thank you Kris!! You are an inspiration :)

  3. Insightful. I look forward to attending your workshops and possibly signing up for sessions with my fiance who introduced me to you. I've heard nothing but amazing things about you.

  4. @Wicked... YAY! Would love to share! Thanks for the kind words <3