Friday, March 2, 2012

Announcing New Radio Show!

I was recently at a yoga workshop with Arthur Kilmurray and was inspired in so many ways (special thank you to Katherine Schaefer for hosting)!  I had many, what I call, "Body Aha Moments!" as he teaches from a place rooted in body wisdom.  And in the realm of body our biggest hurdle can often be slowing down enough to notice the messages!  He shared a quote about living life from Mary Oliver that really resonated for me, and it went something like this:

 "Notice (Pay Attention), Be Astonished (Get excited!) and TELL About it!"

Those closest to me see how often I get excited about new awarenesses, things to share, it's so wonderful!  Often though, for me, I get stuck before the "Tell About it" Part...I share with those close to me but the vulnerability of sharing more broadly sometimes feels scary and I contract.

As Spirit is guiding me to share my story, more and more I am feeling called to share the deeper, harder stuff.  To invite others to see that there are possibilities in life, love, consciousness and sexuality far beyond what we often think are possible.

Sure enough, as I declared my readiness to the Universe, a beautiful opportunity unfolded.  And now I am thrilled and honored to announce my new Radio Show!

I am so excited!! I will be hosting this monthly radio program beginning March 20, 2012! "Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn" will air live on Body Mind Spirit Radio the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 10-11am (now a new time, same day!).

Options to Listen in live:

1) Internet streaming: Go to Body Mind Spirit Radio (no sign-in required)

2) By phone: call 646 378-0378 to listen in! You don't have to talk, however if you choose to talk, dial 1 to be in the caller queue

3) Join in directly to Leslie's Show Event on Body Mind Spirit Radio (requires a free sign-up, enables you to leave a comment & join in the chat room)

First one: Tuesday Mar 20, 2012, 12-1pm (EST), continuing the 3rd Tuesday of each month!

Please join me each month for straight talk, enthusiastic support and heart-felt encouragement for YOU to OPEN up to YOUR Sacred Sexuality!


  1. Excited to share the first episode is now available to listen from the archives, or download! Go to:

  2. And now the second episode is available!

  3. Leslie, I am terribly late to the party and yet SO GLAD to Be Here Now.

    Awesome, Yay, and Hooray for Sacred Sexuality and for YOU!! I will be sharing this with my community here on the West Coast.. it is excellent, and I am grateful for you.