Monday, October 15, 2012

October 2012 Newsletter excerpt: Dark & Light, Performance Art, Radio, Temple Gatherings and more

I have been so inspired lately by the balance of Light and Dark.  The very nature of finding balance in our duality consciousness (for example: feminine & masculine, doing & being, mental & emotional, yin & yang), integrating and bringing wholeness within ourselves to step into our power.   Often in our Spirituality, we get stuck in the assumption that we can only see the Light, that we need to shove away the Dark, the Shadow...sweep it under the carpet, or "conquer" it or destroy it.  The reality is, both aspects of light and dark are crucial to who we are.  Energy cannot be hidden (without repercussions, often quite serious) or destroyed, yet it can be transmuted...changed, healed.  Earlier this year, I deepened in my own Shamanic path by learning and weaving in some of the most powerful shadow teachings available to support transmutation and transformation.  These Chöd practices resonated so deeply with me, that it felt like more of a remembering than a learning.  It was indeed. These shamanic Tibetan Buddhist practices support you in transforming your inner demons and voices that haunt you ("Feeding Your Demons"), as well as transmuting and clearing the land, the community and the consciousness around us ("Black Feast").  I have integrated Chöd into my personal growth and sacred sexual shamanic path, as well as my healing and transformational work with others.  These are powerful practices for self healing and growth, as well as to support others as a healer in your own practice. If the concept of this work resonates for you, reach out to me.

On this note of Light and Dark, I have been sinking into preparations for my next performance. I am honored to be performing for the 4th year in a row at the amazing DAMNED V - An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness.  What I am feeling is an emergence, an exploration from disconnected body and darkness to an emergence of enlightened, connected flow.  The performance will include fire and movement (inspired by Butoh, qigong and other energy and intuitive movement practices), in conjunction with the transformational strings of Dixon's Violin.  Stepping into power, light and flow with confidence and aliveness.  I've been feeling this as an expression of my own story, an emergence into deep emotional, visceral connection.  I invite you to check out this amazing 3 night exhibit in Detroit, Michigan which includes introspective visual art as well as live performance art.  See below for more details!   

Our deepening continues with the Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship, our circle has formed and the program is underway headed into our darkest season of the year.  I am very honored and grateful for how Spirit guided this group together.  Sharing the deep medicine, fills me with gratitude, awe and wonder. If you are interested in possible future Apprenticeships, please contact me if you have not already.
I am honored to share that my September radio show, where I spoke about "Orgasmic Repertoire", was "far and away THE most listened to program we have EVER done to date" according to Body Mind Spirit RADIO!  Thank YOU for making that happen!  You can listen now to the archive of this and other episodes from my website here>>.  The October show is tomorrow, join me live!  See below for details.

So wonderful to have recently shared my "One Love: Sacred Sexual Healing Workshop" which was really well received, as welll as the all new "Polyamory and Alternative Relationships" class.  We shared from a deeply vulnerable, yet exciting and safe place!  The feedback has touched my heart, and I am filled with gratitude!  One woman shared "After the workshop I felt SO highly elevated on the path of polyamory. For me, polyamory went from being a large unknown (though exciting) void to something that felt far more familiar. I felt far better equipped in understanding its challenges, which allowed its blessings to shine forth in my heart and mind." 

Soon I will be announcing the dates for the Winter/Spring Semester of Sacred Sexuality classes.  You can browse the descriptions of past classes at the Offerings page for ideas of what's to come!

Reminder, please join us Sunday Nov 18th to continue to explore at the next Temple Community Gathering at Mystery School of the Temple Arts in Michigan (new time - 5-7pm)! And listen in from anywhere in the world to the next "Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn" Radio Show on Tuesday October 16th.  And don't forget I offer Private Sessions as well, so if you'd like to explore this work but the idea of coming to a group class doesn't resonate for you, consider a private setting (Individuals, Couples, Multiple Partners).  Please do check out the FAQ's at my website and reach out, I would love to hear from you!

Love and light to you all!   
 Light Bearer
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