Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sacred Sexuality Classes! January 2013 Newsletter Excerpt

leslie and jess thai yoga massage
Leslie and Jess sharing Thai yoga massage, Photo by Tanya Thunberg
I am feeling deep inspiration from a recent Thai yoga massage weekend immersion retreat.  I am enjoying the lush experience of meditative, centering, deep inquiry into my own essence, while being supported by others. The feeling of deep familiarity, ancient memory rekindled... present, aware touch; slowed down breath; conscious movement from the core of my very being. Inspiration flows as I connect the dots: this foundational physical reality of breath, sound, movement, touch, and visualization is a Divine spider web, illuminating a path of self-realization.
Sacred Sexuality is an energetic healing path of authenticity which seeks to unwind distortions and uncover Truth through the wisdom encoded in our own bodies. These teachings have turned out to be my most authentic gift and passion to share with the world. The essence of working with energy in the body is about balance, and finding healing in both the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. Integrating them together creates wholeness in our body, which projects outwardly into our lives. This method of healing and self-knowledge is a powerful potential for emotional release; improving our health; creating richer and more meaningful relationships with others; manifesting our heart's desires; and for walking a path of connection with Ultimate Bliss, Enlightenment, and the Divine. It is a lifestyle and calling, and it is an honor to share... 

Registration is now open!  The Winter/Spring 2013 Semester of Sacred Sexuality classes are Feb 9, 10, Mar 23, 24, Apr 20,21, specific classes, days and times are below and at the website under Offerings!  And notice the new offerings and weekend long experiences!  For those of you who have already attended some of my classes or worked with me privately, notice the new "Tantric Energy Merging" a more advanced exploration that you may find resonant.   And if you've considered working with me privately but weren't sure if you wanted to start, I recommend beginning with the "One Love:Sacred Sexual Healing workshop", we cover much of the foundational work I share in Introductory sessions thereby supporting a deeper private session experience should you choose to explore that path.

Our deepening continues with the Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship, our circle nears its formal close, and we together feel the call for co-creating the ongoing integration. I am very honored and grateful for how Spirit guided this group together. Sharing the deep medicine, fills me with gratitude, awe and wonder.

We had a record number of live listeners on my January radio show exploring "Polyamory - what it is, what it is not" and more!  Such gratitude for those of you listening in and reaching out with questions!  You can listen now to the archive of this and other episodes from my website. The February show will beTues the 19th, join me live! See below for details.

Jade DragonAnd I am so excited and honored to share about my Love's new CD!   Explore deepening in your own transformational journey, guided by Dixon's Violin!  Announcing the new CD, Jade Dragon! Listen or buy on-line, or we have CD's in-stock here at the Temple!  

Reminder, please join us Sunday Feb 10thto continue to explore at the next Temple Community Gathering at Mystery School of the Temple Arts in Michigan (5-7pm)! And listen in from anywhere in the world to the next "Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn" Radio Show on Tuesday Feb 19th.  And don't forget I offer Private Sessions as well, so if you'd like to explore this work but the idea of coming to a group class doesn't resonate for you, consider a private setting (Individuals, Couples, Multiple Partners).  Please do check out the FAQ's at my website and reach out, I would love to hear from you!

Love and light to you all!   
Light Bearer

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