Thursday, June 20, 2013

Herbal Inspirations, Wisdom of the Body - June 2013 Newsletter Excerpt

WOWSERS!  So much shifting and emerging!  I am feeling a deep inspiration of coming into relationship...with myself, my sexuality, the Earth and her beings, Spirit, and others in my life.  Part of this inspiration stems from new relationships with my self, my daughter and my fellow powerful Goddesses at the recent Midwest Women's Herbal Conference.  I am living a whole new way of seeing and coming into relationship with the plants all around me...noticing when they flirt with me or call for my attention.  Sitting with what medicine they have to share with me, listening, feeling.  

Another part of the inspiration emerges from a powerful weekend of deepening with one of my teachers into the sweet ocean tide of my own internal cranio-sacral rhythms, and coming into relationship with those of others with whom I was honored to be sharing.

All of this is expanding my awareness...of my own body, of the Earth, plants, trees and animals around me, of the energies moving through me each day.  As well as in the deep powerful connection with my Love, as we share our bodies and connect in lovemaking, feeling new beginnings and new possibilities emerge each time we slow down into that space together.  I had no idea that in the calling to cranio-sacral work I may find a tidal rhythm in my own body that empowers and supports a new level of letting go into the Divine blessing of female ejaculation and bliss with my lover.

I recently shared much more about deepening into Body Wisdom in my recent radio episodes which can be listened to or downloaded from the archives at my website:  
  • Exploring the Felt Sense in our Sexuality, and 
  • Coming Into Relationship...with Self, Sexuality, Spirit and our partners.
And I am excited to share two tools you can take with you in your practice in the most recent (June 18th) episode!  Listen for these practices:  
  • Eye Gazing as Energy Transition  
  • Self Pleasure homework (homeplay!) 
Explore with me live by radio... I invite you to listen and/or call in from anywhere in the world to the next "Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn" Radio Show on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  And don't forget I offer Private Sessions as well, so if you'd like to explore this work but the idea of coming to a group class doesn't resonate for you, consider a private setting (Individuals, Couples, Multiple Partners).  Please do check out the FAQ's at my website and reach out, I would love to hear from you!

Love and light to you all!   
Light Bearer

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